Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hello Again!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written but I will explain. I got to Sydney and had a good day but could not get on the blog to blog because of my excellent computer skills. Anyway next morning I made my way to Airlie beach,met Jen and the gang. They got ready for the race while I hung out. No computer availability that day. THEN, the next morning I offered to volunteer for the race and within ten minutes I was on a boat to a deserted tropical island in the Pacific ocean and left there for the day. I was there to check in racers but while waiting for the racers a couple came out of the bush ( I guess it wasn't deserted) they had been camping as part of a 5 week ocean kayak trip. We had tea they showed me bush turkey nests, sea eagles alll the ocean dwellers on the beach and then... offered to take me snorkeling until the racers came. Oh My GAWD! Snorkeling was fantastic, wild , out of this world. Later I was taken off the island whisked over to HQ fo the race, did Admin stuff all night then next morning taken to yet another deserted island ( this time for real deserted). I poached eggs in sea water while waiting for the racers. I had a ball. Next I was taken to the Australian outback to a check point and stayed there for three days. In the Australian Outback! I was able to see Jen, Sara and the guys on a daily basis. Next I was put on the Search and Rescue team, and did a 4wheel drive trek through the bush at 4 am to pick up a racer that had broken her collar bone. The next morning I helped to pull the port-a-potties behind the search and rescue vehicle to the dump. FUN. WE then did a sweep on the long bike so I got to see the guys again and see the beautiful bike ride they did. Later I moved to the end of the kayak leg in a small town and got to see the gang again at 4 AM. Day 7 I got to camp at an outback "station" (farm/ranch) for three days while waiting for the gang to come in for their last leg of the race. What a ball! It was great. However there was no phone,nocomputer, no nothing in the bush. Now I might as well be at Myrtle beach. I am in the town of Airlie beach. Very touristy. I am headed north though I may head south on a sailing boat as part 0f the crew. I have met so many people that are traveling. All of them half my age; apparently I am a late bloomer. Jen and Sara left this morning. :( :( I miss all of you.


chris heck said...

Great to hear from you. You may be a late bloomer compared to the small % of young people out there OR you are an early bloomer compared to the large % of older people not out there.
Can't wait to hear more about your potential job on the emu farm in South Africa!!!

Jan B AKA Hanks' Honey said...

As would be expected from your engaging personality, sounds like you're meeting lots of people who are more than willing to help you experience new things! eggs poached in sea water taste any different from those poached in Clarksville's finest? So wonderful that you got to spend time with Jen et al as you island hopped-tho you will miss not seeing them, I know there are many, many folks that you'll be meeting...make new friends and keep the old..some are silver and the other gold (just a brief rambling from my brief stint in girl scouts). We know who the gold ones are!
So what's all this talk about a Nemo farm?? Oh, EMU!..never mind!
Miss you a bunch..and sending hugs.
I bet all of those youngsters think you're awesome!!

Lainie said...

An Emo farm? Hmm. They may be younger, but I'll bet you're hotter! I'm so glad you're having fun. I told you it's better than crying here.

Cindy & Cheryl said...

It IS wonderful to hear from you! What an exciting adventure so far - and you've just begun! I agree that you'll be meeting lots of interesting people... but wouldn't it be great if we could all read what they would post about their encounters with YOU?!? You are awesome, my friend. Get on out there and have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

I miss talking to you on a regular glad to hear you are living in the moment. We love you! Kara