Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tracy sighting!

Found this gem on the XPD website gallery. Tracy is working hard as usual. (In case you can't tell she's the one with the bike box on her shoulder). She must be tired because she's walking and not doing her usual trot. The race is almost over. Probably another day or two before Tracy will get a chance to post. When she's not lugging bike boxes she's 4 wheelin' in the outback. Hang in there and check back often. : ) To see a larger version of this photo click here: larger photo .


chris heck said...

Thanks for the update. I really appreciate the picture that you posted for us and the interpretive comment "walking not trotting." It made my laugh. Jan suggested that I share my dream about Tracy while we wait for her blog. A bunch of us were living in a commune in the city. Tracy had a load of hay parked on the street and the neighbors were upset. I was trying to explain to them that the hay was in their best interest. Then I woke up. We'll never know how it turned out!

Cindy said...

Chris that is utterly fantastic and made me laugh in turn. Thanks to Jan for convincing you to share that with us all. I talked to Tracy this afternoon and she is planning on blogging tomorrow which is yesterday for us... or something like that. :)