Friday, August 3, 2007

party party

Hey All, I am busy putting together things for the party. The "send off " for the Jen and Sara Adventure Race (Australia XPD), my trip around the world and the birthday girls party. Things are crunching down. I wake up in the morning thinking... wow I won't be seeing this much longer. I won't be seeing "so and so" for awhile. It is a bit weird planning to be gone for so long. It has been a fun project but I am ready to embark and get away from the work of the trip and experience the trip. It has been fun. I get so many unexpected well wishes. Like the lady from Verizon who helped me keep my telephone number for the time I am away. We had an emotional talk about following your dreams, and supporting those who do. I told her how inexpensive this trip actually is and she said she would look into it having never thought that she could afford a trip like mine. Now she is look into a trip because she needed something like that in her life. It was great! More later!
Find a local pizza place, movie theater, and more….then map the best route! Find it!

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