Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tracy sighting!

Found this gem on the XPD website gallery. Tracy is working hard as usual. (In case you can't tell she's the one with the bike box on her shoulder). She must be tired because she's walking and not doing her usual trot. The race is almost over. Probably another day or two before Tracy will get a chance to post. When she's not lugging bike boxes she's 4 wheelin' in the outback. Hang in there and check back often. : ) To see a larger version of this photo click here: larger photo .

Sunday, August 26, 2007

map of where tracy is now

I just got word from Tracy, she is indeed in the outback. She was able to volunteer to support the race and was working with the search and rescue team out on the course. She's having one hell of a good time! Needless to say, she's in her element. When she called she was at "Mid Camp" (see map at left) and was on her way to the Pioneer River for paddle support (blue line after mid camp on the map). Again, I'll save details for her to post when she gets a chance. She did want me to tell you all that she loves you and misses you and is thinking about you all. She can't wait to be able to tell you all the details.

She probably won't be able to post at least for another 4 days or so. She said, "tell them to leave their email addresses and comments and stay tuned!

you can see a larger version of the map here:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Send a message to the yogoslackers

Hey (Cindy here again...), you guys can leave a message for the team (yogaslackers) and they will deliver it to them on the course. Go to this link, select the team from the pulldown menu and type in your message.

I'm sure they'd be psyched to get messages from back home.


update from Cindy

Hi all, Cindy here...

Just wanted to give you some kind of update on Tracy. After a brief stay with Kara in San Diego she flew out of San Francisco FIRST CLASS (thanks to Kara and Kelly) and did make it to Sydney, Australia. She spent a day walking around Sydney, seeing the Opera House and the Botanical gardens. I'll let her give you details when she is able to get to a computer.

On Tuesday morn. she flew from Sydney to Proserpine (Whitsundy) to join up with Jen, Sara and the rest of the Yogoslackers team for the Australia XPD race. The race started on Wednesday morning. From what I can see the Yogoslackers are doing a great job! You can follow the race as well from the following link:

Tracy was going to try to volunteer to support the race so she may be camping out in the wilderness and not able to communicate at the moment. When she does get to a computer she is so thrilled to see the comments you all post - they are delivered to her email inbox. She (or I) will keep you posted.... Ta.

Friday, August 17, 2007

half of the time we're gone but we don't know where...

(music by simon and garfunkle)

getting it all ready.

this is what i'll be wearing FOR THE NEXT YEAR!!!

what am i doing???? (this was a joke)

last chance.....

see y'all in june '08...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I can't have many emotions at this time; they may threaten my ability to leave. I am however overwhelmed by all the well wishing and last minute goodbyes. I sincerely can't believe I am leaving and probably won't believe it for awhile. It is hard to leave "all that I once held as true" and strike out on my own without anyone of you playing the role in my life that you do. Molly gave me a book on courage and the last page says " Courage is what we give to each other". I appreciate that I have never once gotten from any of you comments that make me doubt my path. Maybe I should have. :) I am very excited but mostly focused on getting my butt out of here. It has been a long time of planning for a year of travel and planning for my absence of a year on the farm. What I want now is.... comments.... will you guys quit being shy or whatever and comment? Let's spice this thing up. I am going to eventually bore you guys to death.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Party photos on Flikr!

Some of the photos from the party have been uploaded to Flikr. Use
the link below to go see them. There are more from another camera
that haven't been uploaded yet. Those will be done soon.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hey everyone, If you don't mind your email address being public please leave your address on your first post so that I can email you back. I cannot email to you directly from this blog. Thanks

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go.....

I'm standing here outside my farm... I hope to wake you all to say good bye. (Music by John Denver) Wow. It is getting close. Yesterday I said goodbye to Kara and the kids as they left for their new adventure of living in San Diego. They had lived with me all summer; in a pop-up trailer, right outside my kitchen window. My sisters and I had spent the last few days sleeping outside, ( the trailer is on its way to San Diego being driven there by my friend Jan and her family) or in the barn when it rained, waking up with the horses looking over the stall walls at us, the sun shinning through the trees and into the barn, and me thinking.... "well I won't see this for awhile." It was a great and crazy summer send off; Kara ( and kids) living here, Kelly (and kids) coming out, and Cindy and Glenn spending time ( with beer in hand at all times). It's a crazy thing how our lives, all of our lives not just my family, move simultaneously down a path with no definitive end in sight yet they cross, over and over and over. I hope it is a crazy windswept zig-zag path for all of us. More soon, I've not left yet.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Great Party!!

It was a great party!! Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a
good time. More comments and pictures to come....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh my gosh I AM leaving!!

Well this morning Kara Aaron and I talked about ... you really are leaving... in a few days! This is weird!

See what you're getting into…before you go there See it!

Friday, August 3, 2007

party party

Hey All, I am busy putting together things for the party. The "send off " for the Jen and Sara Adventure Race (Australia XPD), my trip around the world and the birthday girls party. Things are crunching down. I wake up in the morning thinking... wow I won't be seeing this much longer. I won't be seeing "so and so" for awhile. It is a bit weird planning to be gone for so long. It has been a fun project but I am ready to embark and get away from the work of the trip and experience the trip. It has been fun. I get so many unexpected well wishes. Like the lady from Verizon who helped me keep my telephone number for the time I am away. We had an emotional talk about following your dreams, and supporting those who do. I told her how inexpensive this trip actually is and she said she would look into it having never thought that she could afford a trip like mine. Now she is look into a trip because she needed something like that in her life. It was great! More later!
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