Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go.....

I'm standing here outside my farm... I hope to wake you all to say good bye. (Music by John Denver) Wow. It is getting close. Yesterday I said goodbye to Kara and the kids as they left for their new adventure of living in San Diego. They had lived with me all summer; in a pop-up trailer, right outside my kitchen window. My sisters and I had spent the last few days sleeping outside, ( the trailer is on its way to San Diego being driven there by my friend Jan and her family) or in the barn when it rained, waking up with the horses looking over the stall walls at us, the sun shinning through the trees and into the barn, and me thinking.... "well I won't see this for awhile." It was a great and crazy summer send off; Kara ( and kids) living here, Kelly (and kids) coming out, and Cindy and Glenn spending time ( with beer in hand at all times). It's a crazy thing how our lives, all of our lives not just my family, move simultaneously down a path with no definitive end in sight yet they cross, over and over and over. I hope it is a crazy windswept zig-zag path for all of us. More soon, I've not left yet.

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