Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I can't have many emotions at this time; they may threaten my ability to leave. I am however overwhelmed by all the well wishing and last minute goodbyes. I sincerely can't believe I am leaving and probably won't believe it for awhile. It is hard to leave "all that I once held as true" and strike out on my own without anyone of you playing the role in my life that you do. Molly gave me a book on courage and the last page says " Courage is what we give to each other". I appreciate that I have never once gotten from any of you comments that make me doubt my path. Maybe I should have. :) I am very excited but mostly focused on getting my butt out of here. It has been a long time of planning for a year of travel and planning for my absence of a year on the farm. What I want now is.... comments.... will you guys quit being shy or whatever and comment? Let's spice this thing up. I am going to eventually bore you guys to death.


Lainie said...

Get on the damn plane. You'll be fine : )


Anonymous said...

You are so damn funny. You are right... I'll shut up and get on the damn plane.

Anonymous said...

hey trace!! You're probably already in LA by now! Just got word that Little Jen has arrived in Australia! WHOOHOO! Have a marvelous adventure! And don't worry, I'll take good care of the shed...(and Laurie's gate!) ;););)