Thursday, August 23, 2007

update from Cindy

Hi all, Cindy here...

Just wanted to give you some kind of update on Tracy. After a brief stay with Kara in San Diego she flew out of San Francisco FIRST CLASS (thanks to Kara and Kelly) and did make it to Sydney, Australia. She spent a day walking around Sydney, seeing the Opera House and the Botanical gardens. I'll let her give you details when she is able to get to a computer.

On Tuesday morn. she flew from Sydney to Proserpine (Whitsundy) to join up with Jen, Sara and the rest of the Yogoslackers team for the Australia XPD race. The race started on Wednesday morning. From what I can see the Yogoslackers are doing a great job! You can follow the race as well from the following link:

Tracy was going to try to volunteer to support the race so she may be camping out in the wilderness and not able to communicate at the moment. When she does get to a computer she is so thrilled to see the comments you all post - they are delivered to her email inbox. She (or I) will keep you posted.... Ta.


Kara said...

Hey Tracy, thanks so much for your help...I'd still be crying over my sea of boxes! I've been thinking about you all of the time! We made it to Hong Kong, saw Winton now we can't get home! One day has gone by and flights look bad :(...It's like the movie Terminal with kids. Can't wait to hear of your adventures...We love you! Kara

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for the update Cindy! And thanks for setting up the blog for Tracy! We all know about Trace's computer skills! HA!Just kidding Tracy! ...Sort of.... ;););)0)

Keep us posted...or we'll all just start making stuff up!