Thursday, July 26, 2007

At the courthouse in preparation for the trip.

I was at the courthouse today talking with a woman named Tiffany I have been in contact with about my property taxes. I introduced myself and we did some business and she left for a minute. When she left another woman behind the counter named Linda asked if I was the one that would be gone for a year. She was so interested that she asked where I was going and then told me that she would love to travel but probably would not get to, then she asked if I would send her a post card from some of the places I would visit. I was choked up. It is so much fun to talk with people about their dreams and what they would love to do. Like I said, this trip has been more emotional than I thought and I haven't even left.

Vaccinations in preparation for the trip.

Yes I had to vaccinate for the trip; not the catties but myself. I had great conversations with the nurse over the many times I returned for pokes. She talked about how excited she was for anyone that decided to go ahead with a dream or adventure and told me about her personal adventure of raising two kids alone, going to school to become a nurse and then deciding to be a travel nurse in order to live in different cities and explore herself a bit. While I was getting my shots and talking to her I got choked up realizing how similar we all are.This kind of thing has happened to me several times since then; at the attorneys office, the vets office, the grocery, all following the same kind of story. It's been fun and emotional starting this trip. Much more emotional than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Preparations for the trip.

Ju Ju Bean is now free of worms, AND am I.

Herding Cats in preparation for the trip.

Tonight Racheal and I had a "calling all catties" and was able to herd most of the cats into the cattie barn. Again in preparation for the trip we began worming (deworming, no surgery involved just a pill ) and flea treating each cattie but of course only got a few done until the word was out. When we tried to get Ju Ju Bean he was well aware and was flying around the rafters, screaming when we got near him, biting when we got him, so... he'll have to have worms. Of course he said "I don't have no worms.... I don't right? I don't. Really I don't. I don't need to be wormed. Do I? I mean they're not like aliens or anything are they?

He gave in.

Preparations for the trip

I have been working like a DAWG around the farm getting it ready so that I feel comfortable to leave. It is getting to the point ( where I'm no fun anymore...) that I want to stay around and enjoy the place for awhile but... time is out , I am leavining in three weeks! I am excited to have everyone out to the farm on August 4th. I always like having you guys here and have been thinking of fun games to play and fun things to do. Can't wait to see you all!


I am still trying to learn how to blog. I haven't even gotten on a plane
and I am already having trouble communicating. This will be a lesson in


Monday, July 23, 2007

departure date

The estimated departure date is August 15th. The list of todo's
around the farm is ticking down as is the list of things to get in
order for the trip.

My itinerary from Airtreks

> This e-mail was sent to you by: Tracy Burge (
> Your friend wanted to tell you about this trip:
> Sydney - Bali (Denpasar) - Jakarta - Tokyo - Overland to - Taipei
> - Hanoi - Overland to - Bangkok - Madras / Chennai - Overland to
> - Bombay / Mumbai - Dubai - Nairobi - Overland to - Johannesburg -
> Doha - Athens - Overland to - London - Dublin - New York
> Estimated Price: US$ 3514 to US$ 4638
> Date Created: 22 July 2007
> The original city list your friend entered to generate this trip is:
> Sydney - Tokyo - Overland to Taipei - Hanoi - Overland to Bangkok
> - Madras / Chennai - Overland to Bombay / Mumbai - Nairobi -
> Overland to Johannesburg - Athens - Overland to London - New York
> TripPlanner inserts gateway cities in order to give the best
> possible price and routing for the cites that were entered. To
> modify or reprice this route for current pricing, please follow the
> link below:

> routeID=RT2007072219292491ZF8792&rctid=CL20070722191919394XT9298
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Sunday, July 8, 2007

proving to myself that I can do this.... blog that is

Am I blogging?



I am trying like hell to learn to communicate with all you guys. I am not a
techy that is for sure.
learning to blog is harder than going on this crazy escapade.
Cindy is aghast, she can't believe I am so .... techno savvy.