Monday, September 3, 2007


Have I told you that the Aussie's like to use "ies" on the end of words? For example: " I want to make sure to bring my sunnies and my runnies with me on the tinnie when I go fishing for the barbie tonight". Kid you not they talk like that. Crazy . Anyway I am not very busy today. Well I am very busy learning to not be busy. Very difficult lesson. I hope you all are well. Just so you know. I messed up my iron key the first day I was in Australia therefore I do not have anyone's mailing address or email. I sent the ironkey ( the thing you plug into a computer that contains any info you want to have with you) home with Jen. Cindy is going to look at it. An answer for you Louise, I did not snuggle with a croc though I could clearly see tracks in the low tide mud. I was glad I had enough sense to not go down by the river the first night. Talk to you all soon.

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