Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bunnies and Melons

That night (yes it has only been one day) we cook fish on the public barbie, make coucous and eat dinner while listening to good jazz from the bar next door.More Smirnoffs. We're down to 60. They switch over to whiskey. Save the rest of the Smirnoffs for tomorrow. After their cocktail hour ( I had to beg off)they begin to think about where to sleep. Hmmm. Beach it is. Where else? So we all mokie over to the closest beach, hide our mokies down the street, pack up and move to the beach. It is dark, it is late, so it is easy to move onto the beach spread out our bags twelve feet from the water and go to sleep to the sound of the waves. I wake up first, and the sunrise is stunning. The beach is beautiful and secluded. The rest of the gang begins to wake up. We all sit and enjoy the sunrise. One of the guys gets up to pee. He stretches, yawns, and walks toward a huge rock that is twenty feet from us. As he begins to round the rock he stops in his tracks, whips around and looks at us, eyes big as saucers and his mouth wide open. One of the other guys jumps up runs toward the rock, stops in his tracks as he peers around, whips around to look at us, big eyes and mouth wide open. All of us jump up simultaneously. We run to the rock and peer around the corner. The guys cannot believe their luck, or their eyes. Smirnoffs one day, playboy bunny photo shoot the next. Only half her swimmie, no sunnies, no runnies, big boobies, no CHIT! We all sat on the beach watching the sunrise and of course, the playboy bunny. Then had Smirnoff's for breakfast.

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