Thursday, September 13, 2007

new pics!

Stephen "chit!" is in the middle and the other guy is... chit! I can't remember his name, it's too close to Mokie, that's not it but all I can think of is Mokie, it begins with an "M" anyway. And of course our illustrious traveller Tracy. She said she is wet from sweat having hauled her a** in high gear up a huge mountain.

This is the other guy whose name I can't remember. Sorry. But this gives a great picture of how to live out of your van. I'm taking notes.

This is a sign that Tracy said is all over the coast and all the beaches. She said she first saw it after washing dishes in the surf. !. In case you can't see what it says: Crocodiles inhabit this area - attacks may cause injury or death. Keep away from the water's edge and do not enter the water. Take extreme care when launching and retrieving boats. Do not clean fish or leave fish waste near the water's edge. Camp well away from the water.


bonycrow said...

Stephen looks a bit like John Cusack to me.
I had the surfer boy thing wrong Jan, the surfer boy is the other guy.

jan said...

Good thing Tracy doesn't like to clean fish!