Monday, September 3, 2007

Learning a new skill

Well I am still here at Myrtle Beach aka Airlie Beach Australia. I was walking to my campsite after booking a bus to Bowen when I bumped into my new found friend Bhavesh. Wow .I was a bit lonely so Yippee! Well he was hanging with a French guy named Stephen. We all ended up talking and listening to music at an outdoor venue for 7 hours. ( That's part of my new skill, staying still that long.) It was fun listening to Stephen, his English is pretty good but when he is at a loss for words his uses "chit". For example , he was showing Bhavesh and me his van that he has been traveling in for a year. He was trying to explain his set up and it sounded like this: " Yes this is my sleeping uuh ... umm.. "chit " and here is my cooking place with all the .. uhh... "chit" and I have my uhhh music and "chit" here in this box, Fuck yes this is good "chit", beautiful man,all that I need and "chit". Later he was trying to explain a brush turkey to me and it sounded like this. " They are a black bird and they have this uhh "chit" hanging from their chin and they walk around the forest and eat ummm , mmm , "chit" off the ground, fuck yeah they are amazing "chit". He is funny to listen to. It was an interesting night as we talked politics and they both have much in depth information about world politics ...and "chit". I ended up driving with Stephen later that night and sleeping in a National Park parking area because the night had gone on so long I had not arranged a place to sleep. Earlier that day I had taken a rain forest tour and learned about all the plants that are so poisonous that just a brush is enough to kill you ,some within 20 minutes. There I am, in the middle of the night walking around the bush looking for a place to put my tent and hoping like hell I don't "brush" up against any of those plants.I didn't , but I did wake up next to estuary with salt crocs in the waters. Australia is a dangerous place, I don't know how people live here. Anyway today we all hung out together, made lunch together and did virtually ... nothing. New skill number two. Australia could be a very dangerous place.


Anonymous said...

hey trace!

did you end up snugging with a croc?! ouch!


MOM said...

Thanks for the phone call!! Sounds like Australia does not appreciate age! Good thing I am not there! BEEEEEE CAREFUL! But have fun!