Sunday, September 16, 2007

scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Hey all (Cindy again). I thought I'd let you know that Tracy is out on a boat for 3 days scuba diving on the great barrier reef (with a planned night time dive). So we won't hear from her for a few more days.
Since she is, after all, a science teacher, I thought we could all entertain ourselves with the following links. Have fun!

virtual tour of Tracy's dive experience.
dive trip itinerary.
learn about the great barrier reef.


Anonymous said...

Finally made it to your blog. Sounds like great adventures! I am on my way to Norway for 10 days. Navy stuff. Not as much fun as you are having. Are you going to get to see Ayers Rock! I would love to be there.

Take care and I will try and stay in touch.

Jan said...

Great links, Cindy. Those beds and the food spread/saloon will seen like the Ritz. Can't wait to see pics of the Great Barrier Reef.