Monday, September 10, 2007

Mokies on Magnetic Island

So we get to Magnetic Island loaded with Smirnoffs and we are ready for fun. It is a very small Island, definitely a tourist spot, so all the tourist accoutrements are there. We rent some Mokies or tiny,tiny jeeps that barley seat four and we are off. We head to the parking area of the beach we want to go to. We have a little hike to get to the beach and of course, on the way, we get lost. Could it be the Smirnoff's? We end up at a look out far above the secluded beach we are looking for. The leader Stephen says "let's go" so we start climbing down, Smirnoffs in hand. Now this is a mountain side I wouldn't climb down without a Smirnoff in hand but I start down behind them. Maybe it is because I have the Smirnoff. We are bouldering,handing backpacks and the Smirnoffs down first then climbing down the rocks oursevles. I am chuckling with dismay. We get to this absolutely beautiful beach and go snorkeling and swimming. This all in the first 3 hours. And it just gets better.
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