Monday, September 10, 2007

Holiday with the gypsies!

We drive to Townsville in a carravan. Four cars and vans, 7 gypsies, and me. The town is relatively big. There are a few skyscrapers, high end hotels and night life galore. We arrive in Townsville with plans to go to Magnetic Island for the weekend. It is afternoon when we arrive and we need to get supplies for the weekend. We split up and start our chores. Slyvan and Christophe busy doing their chores and are in the street next to their van when a "ute" or flat bed truck turns the corner and spills 8 or 10 cases, yes cases of Smirnoff Ice at their feet. They open the sliding door and start chucking ( well they are gypsies you know). Holy "chit"! Whoo Hooo! They slide the door shut, get in, get out, and call Steve the leader of the band (my personal gypsie). One hundred and forty eight Smirnoff's later we are ready for the weekend! " Fuck yeah mate, this is good chit". That is only the beginning.

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