Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh yeah ,I can do this!

Over the first two days on the ocean I have completed all the underwater skills, passed the test, and am now a certified diver. Thank you, thank you very much, hold the applause. Now we have to dive without an instructor. Yes! But always with a buddy. Yes! We also have to use our navigational skills to get back to the boat once we have explored the reef. Oh yeah baby, I got this! So my buddy and I set up a plan. Decide on a course to follow; 150 degrees north then a reciprocal reading of 300 degrees back. Easy I've done this before. My buddy and I jump off the boat, give the old "OK" sign and descend. I am excited, I have begun to settle down while diving and this dive will only build my confidence. I can navigate. I am so confident in fact that we have decided to only leave 70 bars of air for the return trip. That is only 20 bars of safety, at fifty bars you MUST surface. So really we have left 20 bars for the return. No problem. We take off. I am reading my compass, and I am holding a bearing. We hit the reef and play around for thirty minutes. The reef is spectacular. I can hear fish eating. I am enveloped in schools of fish. I make clams 2 foot across close up by waving my hand and making a current. There are fan corals and sea stars, sea slugs, and sea worms. There are big fish,little fish,skinny fish and fat fish. Colors and more colors; on the fish, the clams, the coral, the crabs. The reef is huge! It is over one hundred feet tall. We go to the bottom and see different fish than we did at the top. We find Nemo! We see sharks! It is another world down deep.I could have stayed all day but we noticed we were at 70 bars and needed to go back to the boat. I was excited. I was going to surface port side stern. I had my bearing and we were following it without deviation. Sixty bars left, okay that gives us a few minutes more. We continue on our course. Fifty bars. We have to surface. I am smiling. I know I got this. We surface. I cannot see a thing. No boat, no other divers, no nothing. I start thinking about sharks. We saw two down there. I start panicking. I think about the movie Open Water. I think about being lost at sea. I think about my elevated, breathing and heart rate attracking sharks. I check my bearing. I check for sharks. I check my panic. I turn around. I see the boat. Holy Chit! We are so far from the boat the people on it are wee little. I feel the same. They send a boat. I don't know if this diving thing is for me.


cindy & cheryl said...

Holy sh*t!!! The diving thing sure wouldn't be for me, either... except the reef sounds totally fabulous. Congratulations on conquering your fears - now you don't ever have to do this again, if you don't want to!

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment on "Not in Kansas Anymore" applies here as well. If you haven't already seen it you may want to go back to it.

As for day in the ocean was enough to cross it off of my "list of things to do"!!!
Congratulations Trace.

Anonymous said...

First...Cindy, I can't stop laughing about the audio clip you put on with Homer...Under the SEAAAA!!! on the audio!!!

Trace! What an awesome experience! Laurie and I did our certification dive in Florida and I was thrilled with the incredible fish we saw. The Barrier reef must be just amazing! Very cool!

...and now I must go play the audio clip again...just can't help myself;);)


bonycrow said...

So glad you are enjoying the clip weez. Seems there is always an appropriate Homer clip for any situation.

Everyone has a dive story but me. :(
Tracy and Sandy are having me laughing all day long with picturing people floating away and screaming.

Tracy, are you going to be able to contain everything you are experiencing? You're definitely pinning the needle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
I am so jealous! Wow, what could be more exciting than the barrier reef and swimming with Nemo!
I don't understand why you are so panicked...this has got to be easier than getting called to the Principal's office or talking to some parents on the phone?!
Just breathe and relax!!
Take it all in for me...Marge

Lainie said...

Dear Yoyo,
While you were frolicking with Gypsies and sharks, I passed the test. Have a Smirnoff for me.

cindy & cheryl said...

I was thinking about your experience with the "underwater orienteering" and I've come to the conclusion that there's only one explanation: they moved the boat! They thought it would be funny (ha ha ha). Yep, that's what happened - no doubt about it!