Friday, September 7, 2007

First batch of photos has arrived.

Hey everyone, Cindy here again. I just got the first batch of photos from Tracy, hand delivered by Jen. There's a little slide show here for you, or you can go to the link to view them a bit bigger. (It might take a minute or two to load the slide show.) Unfortunately, these are all from before the gypsies so there aren't any of them yet. I know everyone is waiting with bated breath to see some of those. Tracy said she may be able to get a picture or two of them to me soon. In the meantime, think back to a couple of weeks ago when that picture of the map was up and we didn't really know where Tracy was. This is where she was and what she was seeing.


Anonymous said...

wow! very cool! Great job Cindy!!

Weez & Laurie

Anonymous said...

Who/what is the song playing? I really love it.

Haiku is supposed to be a three line poem with a form of 5 syllables first line, 7 second line and 5 third line. Is usually nature related. Supposed to be very visual, so obviously we have perverted the form but hey it's fun!


bonycrow said...

Hey Laurie,

It's Simon and Garfunkle - The Only Living Boy in New York. Tracy and I were listening to it a lot (over several days) while getting everything ready. (choke up)
: )

I so much love the haiku's. Here's a silly attempt:

yoyo on the road
crocks! dangerous plants abound!
gypsies save the day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,
Great job on the photos & music. I think I saw the purple shirt in one picture!!! It is gorgeous in Australia! It really will make Kara remember her time there! Happy Gypsying to Tracy!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy, Here with Toni and Lisa in Columbus and really enjoying pictures. Watch those gypsies!! All you may have left is 74% of your socks!! So what is next on the itinerary? Be safe. Really, watch out for the gypsies.

Miss Ya,

Love Lisa, Toni, Jen and Jenny

Go Bucks (just saw the game)

Anonymous said...

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves!! Which one are you?

T & L


cindy & cheryl said...

Fabulous photos - thanks for posting them, Cindy. Hey Trace - I love reading your posts... I have to say, you're a WRITER. I mean it - you have a sharp, witty, colorful Travelogue going here. Kudos, my friend. We await tales of adventures to come!

Jan said...

Just got caught up on the recent escapades and pix. So what is unexpected about Tracy traveling with a group of French gypsies??-after all, this woman keeps birds in her freezer!!

Cindy-great work with the pix-and I love the music. I'm swaying & waving a flaming lighter over my head...