Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another slide show!

OK, after much genuflecting to the techno-spirits the technical difficulties have been overcome. Yea! So here is another slide show for you all from Tracy's latest delivery. You can click on the slide show to go to the web album if you want to see the pictures longer or bigger. Enjoy!

p.s it may take a minute for the slide show to load.

Gypsies, moons and mokies... (and a melonie or two if you wait long enough)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, it's Glen. Kelly is putting Abby to bed and I just put Molly down. We are all doing good and feel well about it. Thanks for all the great photos and your journal entries. Please keep writing no matter how trivial or small the moments. It's a pleasure to be there with you even if only through a blog. Take care and keep enjoying your adventure.

Jan said...

Wow!!!....great pics and music. I feel like I'm there. Love the wildlife pics and the animals too!

Anonymous said...

Hi womyn,
Love seeing pictures of you !
Love your smile... always have.

Anonymous said...

Born to be wild
Gotta go make it happen
True natures child

vegamite sandwich
are you trying to tempt me?
nothing left to loose...

we're jammin jammin
do you come from down under?
good enough for me

...yep...more sorta haiku...admit to stealing lyrics from Cindy's great song list...;)


bonycrow said...

Haiku lives!! yea weez!

I think that a vegamite sandwich is something Tracy should not miss.

Tracy, you're stories are very excellent! I loved the part with Stephen and the banana, so funny, and indicative of our social boundaries.

And your platypus story is bringing memories of high school science back to me and a few others I think. :) Sounds like it's a bit of an honor to catch sight of one.

It's just about "napo'clock" right now. Gotta go,