Monday, October 1, 2007

Tokyo bound

Tracy's flying to Tokyo right now. (10:30pm our time).


jan said...

A real bed, clean sheets, new adventures...and Cindy in Hanoi on 10/27-or the 28th. Go Tracy, go!Happy reunion.

Anonymous said...

sssssssnakes! ssssssscorpions! ssssssand!
Yup! in my opinion, unless you catch the desert in bloom, its best to give is a miss.
Splat! Tracy - drop me a line sometime at

Anonymous said...

I am truly enjoying your trip! Thank you so much for the expressive writing and pictures! I laugh out loud as I am reading your day... it is easy to put myself in your place!
Keep enjoying! One tip for the road... don't shake hands with people in Asia... some use them as tp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yah,.. this last comment was from Pam Jones : )