Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lesson 7: Not everyone has ice cream trucks.

Anne and I spent the day in the city. It was hot. I have not yet experienced a seasonal change so my brain registered this hot day as a summer day. On our last stop we had to hunt for a spot to park and to do so we made our way through a neighborhood. Children were playing and hustle and bustle was all around. We got out of the car and were walking down the street; sweating, talking and moving our way to the store. All of the sudden I heard an ice cream truck. Unbelievable. They have ice cream trucks in Japan? Now I thought this was strictly an American thing. I listened again. Yes, it was that music box sound. High pitched,crackly,and recognizable only as the ice cream truck music. Then I smelled wood smoke. Wow did that smell good. But my brain was thinking ice cream,and it was counting yen. It was arguing with itself over chocolate and vanilla bars or soft and creamy cones, maybe a popsicle. I hadn`t had a popsicle from a truck in years. Then I spotted the truck, it was on our street and coming at me. Hot damn, I`m going to get a soft cream twist. Then I smelled wood smoke. The truck was just as you would imagine; small with those sides that are up, open and ready for business. I waved the truck down; big smile, appreciative bow. As the truck turned the corner and stopped,I saw an open fire in the back, a stack of wood on the side, and a grill full of foil wrapped somethings. "Kon-ni-chi-wa" "Kon-ni-chi- wa" Bow. Bow. He hands me one, takes his 500 yen, and I walk away with a... potato. Chit. A potato truck.


nuttyteacher said...

AHHHHH the ultimate ice cream potato!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Inspiration! I feel a Haiku coming on...(uh oh!)

Hot! Creamy cone--YEAH!
Hark! 'Entertainer' music!
po-ta-toe? ding ding!

weez ;);)

jan said...

We the atyoyo bloggets and bloggettes have experienced the 2nd-hand world of international potty decorum. I can only imagine what the remainder of the travels will bring.

Tuber wood fired
Hot hot tater foil stick sweat
Oh kiwi lemon

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Tracy, I am cracking up!! I am eating lunch in Panera and I hope the people around me don't think I am crazy with these sudden out bursts of laughter. I remember many of the same experiences in Taiwan when I went to visit my brother. Exciting stuff, huh!


Anonymous said...

I need to try this Haiku thing!!

Tracy in Japan!
No speakie language
Sorry, sorry, bow, bow

Hey!, that IS kind of fun!

Thanks for the experience...
Pammie partner :)

Anonymous said...




Lainie said...

the potato path
desire forgone for hot starch
cream another day

Anonymous said...

hey tracy! how are you????

hope you enjoy Japan.
we have ice cream trucks in Japan but we dont see so often.
we call that totato "ya-ki-i-mo".
why didnt you try!!!! it's sooooo yum! i wanna eat right now!

anyway im going back to Japan 5th of Dec!! i have only 7weeks left in Aus......

hope you enjoy your left staying in Japan. and once again maybe my sis can help you a bit so please call her after 22nd.