Monday, October 8, 2007

Lesson Five: I really can`t read this chit.

I am going to bike from Tokyo to Hiroshima, I think. I got the maps out and I can see there are roads I should be following, but I can`t read the map. Oh yeah, there is a number on the road, but quite often there are two roads with the same number. There is an explaination but I can`t read that either. Chit I thought, instead I should try to go to the city and figure my way for a bit, see what happens. Do you know what it is like to not understand a word, let alone a syllable of someone`s language? Well it was never so poignant to me than when I was in Tokyo. A stupified look though, is universal.

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bonycrow said...

Haiku lives. This is great. Here's another attempt:

a private moment,
toilet. flush, flush: where are you?
adventure bathroom!