Thursday, October 25, 2007

No language barrier here.

I had to break down my bike for the train ride back from Hiroshima. When I got back to Tokyo I needed to put it back together and try to sell it somewhere, somehow. When I tried to put my back wheel on I noticed the chain was all screwed up and the derailuer was a mess as well. I worked with it for awhile but did not have the appropriate tools for the repair. I remembered the store I bought it from had a bike repair shop, so I decide to carry the bike up there and get some help. The guy was gracious enough to take a look right away. He took the chain off, took the derailuer off and futzed around a bit. He signaled to me that the derailuer needed to be replaced. I tried to tell him okay but please put the chain back on, and I will ride the bike as a single speed. He signaled to me, no, that the derailuer needed to be replaced. We began an argument that really did not make any sense because neither one of us understood a word the other was saying. He kept putting up his arms in an X "telling" me nothing could be done. I knew the bike could be made a single speed and I kept signaling to him to PLEASE just PUUT the chain on so I can ride it out of here. He did put the chain on the bike... in a bag. He picked the bike up and carried it out to the street. I followed him. He set the bike down and stared at me, and then pointed down the street. I said with a smile " no really I think we can work this out". He stared at me and then pointed down the street more emphatically. I asked him if he wanted to but the bike. It was pretty clear. I picked up my bike and walked.

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