Thursday, October 4, 2007

More Australia photos

It has proven to be a challenge for Tracy to find a computer in Tokyo with an english operating system and keyboard. You think you know your menus... Anyway, until she can get to a computer that understands her I will entertain you with still more photos from Australia. Here are Steven's photos from Cairns and the Daintree forest. He is quite a good photographer and there are some gems in this batch, so even though some of the subject matter is the same the photos are really nice to see (and there are a few more with Tracy in them). Also, here are photos from the dive trip. Really cool. And finally, if you remember Tracy talking about a guy named George she met who gave her a CD of his sunset photos now you can see those sunsets. They are amazing. All of the slideshows need to be started by hand since there are a few here together. Same with the music. Just click the play arrow above the slideshow you are looking at. (And as always you can click on the slideshow to go see the photos larger and longer.)


cindy & cheryl said...

Great pics, Cindy - thanks for posting them! How are YOUR travel plans coming along??

bonycrow said...

Hey you guys! I'm glad you are enjoying the pics. There's lots of 'em. My plans are coming along wonderfully. Got all my shots, tickets and visa's and am now trying to figure out packing. yikes! I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic's! Cindy, great job on the presentation! The music is perfect as well!

Fantastic job!


Nadie said...

Good post.