Monday, October 15, 2007

The Language Barrier

Hi all, Cindy here. Tracy wanted me to let you all know that she is fine. She is making her way SouthWest through Japan by bicycle. When she last called she was just outside of Hamamatsu (I may be spelling that wrong, sorry), which is on the the Southern coast. She is having quite a challenge navigating the roads when she can't read the signs or the map. It is truly difficult matching up those symbols.
She said "As technologically advanced as Japan is there aren't any internet cafes around... or at least if there are I can't tell."
In true Tracy form though, she is meeting some wonderful people. But she is spending a lot of energy staying off of expressways and avoiding trucks (they don't seem to know the meaning of "ding, ding").
She plans to continue on to Hiroshima (through Osaka) where she will then take a train back to Tokyo. She wanted you to know she will spend October 26 blogging and emailing aplenty. Then October 27th it's on to Vietnam! "Yea!!", I say since I will be meeting her there for 3 weeks. We're not sure how updating will go. We will try to update often. I believe you may get both Japan and Vietnam pictures together.

p.s. If you click on the map below to see it bigger Hamamatsu is where the number 23 is, Osaka, I believe, is to the right of orange dot number 2 (or therebouts anyway) with Hiroshima to the left of orange dot number 2, and Tokyo is just south of the number 4 in that little crook of a bay area, just to give you an idea of the ground Tracy is covering.


Anonymous said...

Hope the American Express thing worked out. Cindy called me and I tried calling them but to no avail. They only wanted to talk to you. Sorry.

It is great reading about your adventures. Sounds like you are having a blast. It is always fun trying to make your way around a foreign country.

The kids, Chelsea AND Chad showed their pigs at the fair but did not place. So they were sold in the pack just above market. Chelsea's last year and Chad's first.

Chase is not playing varsity yet but has played a few JV games. He is holding up but the grades are sagging a bit. He just has to get in the grove.

Business is steady. We are struggling to keep it profitable but that is the first year. We shall see.

Take care. Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

It was soooo good to talk to you!! I know that you are having the adventure of a lifetime!!! I finally caught up on the blog after being away for a month!! Can 't wait to see you publish a book! Keep the fun coming!!
Love, Mom