Sunday, October 7, 2007


Autralia was a backdrop to my experience with the gypsies. Kaya,Jack,Melanie,Antony,Sylvan,Christoph, Yuka and of course Stephen. I only saw a fraction of the country with them but in that I saw another world. I saw croc`s and coral,heard cockies and kookabooros,learned about roo`s and rainforests and learned more about friendships. It`s funny how you can refine revelations time and again. Who would I be writing to if it weren`t for you guys back home? Who would I tell these stories to? Who would I think about during a beautiful sunset or a poignant moment if it were not for my friends and family? Australia was more than I thought it could be. Sharing this experience with all of you has been even bigger.I have dreamt of traveling for years; I can`t thank you guys enough for sharing this with me. It is all of you that has made the difference.

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