Thursday, October 25, 2007

I`m ready.

I`m ready to leave Japan. It`s been nice, but I am on my way.


Anonymous said...

Hey trace!

Its on to Vietnam!!! Wanted to tell Cindy hello and have a wonderful trip too! Your stories are lots of fun!

bye bye!


Anonymous said...

Tracy, A ding ding on the back of a potato truck is almost too much! Have a great trip in Vietnam. Sounds like you have "No!" down pat!

Lisa & Toni

Anonymous said...

Your trials, travels & tribulations in Japan were a hoot!!
Your book is a MUST!! I'm glad that Cindy will meet you in Vietnam! Japan will never be the same without you.Have fun! 2 heads are always better than 1 to figure things out & you will welcome someone who speaks English I'm sure!! Love, Mom

Jan-san said...

So great to know that you survived Japan and that Japan survived you. Now so many in Japan know why we love you so!!...OK maybe not the cycle-repair guy! Just imagine that you've created for all the Japanese women, an image of what all of us American women are like...oh yeh!!

Got Cindy to the airport all safe and sound....enjoy your time...and you can always blog after your time together.


Anonymous said...


Kelly sent me your blog and I'm having a blast reading all about your trip!! Keep it coming and have a great time!
love, Tracy (Shetterly)Graves

Lainie said...

When you get ready to write your book, call me, we'll do it together.