Friday, May 2, 2008

Wrong one.

Cindy and I stopped by a gas station for bathroom duties and gasoline for our cook stove. She had to go pretty badly so I stayed out with the bikes and got the gas we needed.She was in a pretty big hurry, unfortunately when she got to the bathroom it was being cleaned. The cleaning woman stepped out after noticing Cindy's distress and Cindy hurried in. After sitting and sighing in relief for having made it in time she began to look around the bathroom as any one of us might do. What she saw sent a shiver down her spine.She couldn't believe her eyes. How could it be? She was staring at a toilet. Then to her horror, to her dismay she realized, she had just shit in the bidet.She got up and looked for the faucet handles. There were none. So she waved her hand in front, behind and around the faucet trying to trigger the automatic water. She broke a sweat, she remembered the cleaning woman waiting outside, she sweat some more.The water would not come on.She waved some more and shook the faucet but to no avail. She looked around for something , anything to aid her.But there was only one option to take and it wasn't pretty. When she left though the cleaning woman never knew a thing. When she came out I asked her what on earth had taken her so long. All she said was "never, never shit in the bidet".


Anonymous said...

That's pretty vivid...and funny. Not to mention embarrassing and "dirty"! Cindy, remind me not to eat any food that you prepare.

Should I say..."thanks for sharing?". Yeah...probaly so :).
Now that I'm thinking more about it, it seems like something Tracy would have done. Hummmmmm. Have the 2 of you become 1????

cindylist said...

Too funny! I will heed this advice...

bad little jj said...

HI-larious! --Even the second time hearing it. Hope my visit didn't give you any stories like that ;)

Keep on trekking woman! You're almost home.

Anonymous said...

Well no wonder cindy was confused - A Gas station bathroom with a Bidet - Hope to see you @ the end of the month -