Saturday, April 26, 2008

Italy pictures


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading all your blogs, what an experience for you. Your pictures of Italy are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Sharon Day

Annie said...

Wow!! Just Wow. The pictures are absolutely stunning! Good to see you and Cindy in more of the pictures. What a beautiful country, sorry it wasn't as easy to get through as it was beautiful. Your pictures are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe,
The pictures are magnificent!!! It was so neat to see pictures of things & places that we saw! It made me homesick for Italy! You llok sooo happy! Can't wait to see you on May 29th!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy.

Awesome stories. Thank you again for sharing. Yes, you need to write that book.
I am truly amazed by you. Be safe in your journeys.

my best,

Anonymous said...

Marge was talking...I was ignoring. I sat plastered to every frame, every image, every color. I sometimes felt that I was there and I did't want to be shaken from the awe of it all. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and moments.
I'd better see what Marge you. See you soon.
Sandy :)

ems365 said...

So, it looks like the beauty award moves from South Africa to Italy, huh? : ) Great pics!