Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Birthday

Cindy was thoughtful and flew out during the time my birthday would pass. She was very happy to do so and was anxious to make things special for me on that day. We were in the Amalfi coast, quite possibly the most beautiful spot I have seen, and we were in the town of Amalfi on my special day. That evening we walked around looking at restauraunts trying to pick a nice one in which to celebrate. During our walk we met a couple from the U.S., started talking and decided to share dinner with them. Cindy told them it was my birthday and the celebration began. We ordered a bottle of wine, and then another. Over wine we talked of traveling, politics and life abroad, getting older and taking opportunities and risks and the rewards of doing just that. I noticed the reward the wine was affording me but before I could think about what I should do the waiter brought out lemon cello´s for the table in my honor. Well I had to partake, and the mix of red wine and lemon cello was ...well delicious. So I had Cindy´s as she was not drinking it, and I had our new friends drink as well. Why waste it right? Our new friends decided to call it a night and so we all retired to our hostels. I stumbled to ours. As soon as I got in the door the room started spinning. I layed down and the speed increased. I got back up and I felt a change, in my stomach. So I made my way to the throne and did what you might expect, repeatedly, like an eighteen year old. Cindy lay in bed shaking her head.I did not deserve more.


ems365 said...

So, happy birthday, huh? Glad you could remember enjoying the drinks! : )

Joanne said...

Aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhh---limoncellos! Can I just say -- "NEVER a good idea!" ?? ---But bottles of wine!?..... Wellllll, OK!

My fortune cookie today said:
"Better to be 80 years young and happy, as opposed to 40 years old."

Happy Birthday and keep enjoying life :) (even in its occasional non-beauty!)

[And please do keep writing!]


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tracy!! Sorry I missed it earlier.
See ya
love, Tracy

Chris Howlett said...

Hi, Tracy. I finally got around to reading your blog, which I love. Sorry to hear about how your birthday night ended. We had such a nice time at dinner, but afterward Melissa was worried that maybe we'd horned in your and Cindy's special evening. But it sounds like the wine and limoncello were more to blame for that. I told you that stuff was dangerous. :-)

I don't know how you bike travelers do it. We just biked 17km in a fairly flat part of Slovenia the other day and it nearly killed us. Granted, neither of us had been on a bike in about 6 or 7 years, but still . . .

Hope you're enjoying the pleasures of home. We'll be heading back in late October. If we get to the Cincinnati area to visit Melissa's family, we'll drop you a line.