Monday, May 12, 2008

Tidbits of Italy

Cindy and I made our way to Pompeii skipping the bidets along the way. We spent a day in Pompeii and then made our way to Rome on the train for the inevitable. She had to leave. Jojo would be meeting me at the airport in Rome on the heels of Cindy's leaving so I would be distracted from myself, Cindy did not have that luxury. Jojo walked my legs off in Rome and then in Naples. We went to the Vatican in Rome where I was able to send a special post to my Mom from the Vaticans own mailing system. That was fun. Then Jojo went back to Rome from Naples and I went down to Pompeii where Cindy and I had stopped biking, and I started again, alone. It took me about a week to get going, and that week was spent in the strip between Naples and Rome on prostitute road. That did not help my loneliness. But there was this one Indian guy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for the phone calls! Dad is doing well! I am getting some rest & Judy & Mike helped me get the house ready for when he comes home! It was so good to get another posting. I always look forward to them. I amreally looking forwrd to the one that says "I am on my way home"! What an accomplishment. One among MANY!!

Anonymous said...

You simply must write a book about this adventure. Your stories are priceless! And, it seems, there are many more to be told when you return.

We're looking forward to reading the book and hearing more tales!