Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The last song.


Judy said...

Nice choice of songs... very nice.

Safe journey home Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Bring it on home girl!

c u n 2
Sandy & Marge

Anonymous said...

This looks exactly like the day you left. Are you wearing the same clothes??? Have you washed them?! Will you be sitting in a row by yourself on the plane? Did you have to pay extra for that?


Anonymous said...

I know these memories will be such a wondrous vision in your mind for many years to come. Dont let them fade. You did it Tracy! I always knew you would and could. I am proud of you.
Love Kara

ems365 said...

Hey sweet pea! Congrats on the journey of a lifetime. You done good. (Did you?) Cincy will be glad to have you home.

cindy & cheryl said...

Can't wait to see you! Hope your journey home is smooth and trouble-free. Give all the "kids" some pets for us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy,
Way to go!! Thanks for sharing all your experiences, it was really neat. Take care.
Talk to you soon,