Thursday, January 3, 2008

Indian internet... or lack of

Hi all, Cindy here again. Tracy wanted me to give you the message that Internet in India is hard to come by and when you do it is A DOG. At least where she is. It makes me wonder where all of those computer support people are.

Anyway, Tracy and Sherry were in Bangalore for just a little bit then went to Madras I think, then off to Maduri, Kodaikanal and then to Kochin which is sometimes spelled Cochin. She wanted me to tell you that she will post soon. In a few days hopefully.

So. Stay tuned. There are more stories coming.


cindylist said...

I'm glad to hear all is well... I start getting nervous when too much time goes by without a post from Tracy! Thanks for the update, Cindy!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Cindy List is worried, then we're worried, too! (MB & Michelle)

We're hoping you don't get kidnapped by the Avon customer service department of India. I think Michelle is living vicariously through you.