Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thailand photos!

Hey all, Cindy the photo-monger here. Well, by the time you read this Tracy will probably be on her way to India! Yes, leaving Bangkok she flies into Bangalore and will meet up with friend Sherry for their foray in southern India.

In the meantime, I am posting a slide show made from the latest batch of photos that I just received from Tracy. This one is of Thailand pictures. Many photos have not been posted, mostly from Japan and Cambodia. I will over the next few weeks be posting those on the picassa web albums site where all of these pictures are living. You can visit that site simply by clicking on any of the slide shows and from there you can see all of the different albums posted.



cindylist said...

Great photos, and great music!
Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,
Great photos but I haven't gotten the hang of receiving music!! I know that you have made some great selections & would love to hear it. Please email me at or call me. I would love to get the full enjoyment! Such beautiful photos. I'm sure there is a story behind every one of them! Thank you for doing all of the co-ordination.
Love, Mary & Frank

jan said...

Saw the street sign ending in "chit" and of course thought of the traveling mates in Australia-wonder where they are at this point.

I like to visualize you talking to the Thai catties and dogs. I expect Cindy to start receiving packages with breathing holes cut out of them.

It's always a treat to see your face-what those eyes have seem!


ems365 said...

Wow. Great pics. I loved the Beware sign. Can't wait to see India!