Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tidbits: An old woman's best friend.

I bought a knife from a little Chinese woman in Krabi Thailand. ( My 15 year old Swiss army knife had been taken by the Cambodian airport officials while they left six, eight inch, sharp tent stakes in my pack.) When I entered her shop to look around her midsized dog came at me growling and snarling; I froze. It jumped on me and I raised my hands and yelped. She laughed and said "Sabadeka! Sabadeka!".(Hello, Hello). She pushed him toward me again and smiled a big toothless smile. She loved her dog. She kept pushing him toward me, smiling, motioning me to pet him some more. I made over the dog even though it stank and it continued to growl.She was filthy and dishevled. She was destitute. Her stock was old and so was she. I stayed awhile and bought a few other items and made over her dog some more. We never talked, we couldn't, yet in that exchange she and I became "friends". Everytime I walked by we would trade warm Sabadeka's and big waves. One night when I went by I saw her dog lying on a piece of cardboard with a blanket carefully wrapped around him, but I couldn't find her. I wondered where she was. I looked around until my eyes focused on a pile of boxes, newspapers, rags and a dirty pillow. She was tucked away in that mess; sleeping right beside her dog.


weez said...

hey trace,
your stories frequently touch me...thanks for sharing....


Anonymous said...

Now these are the memories you take home with you. It is amazing, these little experiences...thanks tracy
I really really miss you!
Love Kara

Anonymous said...

Dear Tracy:

Remember me? Ur neighbor from Symphony Way?! Looks like you've been living quite the life!