Sunday, February 24, 2008

A tidbit of bobbling, thrashing and heaving.

You know the bobble head dolls. I will never look at another and not think of India. Strange I know but you would too. The Indians while they talk, answer, or while they listen, bobble their heads as if they were in the back window of some car.*************** Almost everything is done by hand in rural India and they have come up with some ingenious ways of getting things done. They seperate grain from the stalk by spreading the whole plant out in the road and waiting for traffic to thrash the grain.***************** Sometimes travel in India is worse than the "Vortex" at an amusement park. On many bus rides over mountain passes Sherry and I would hold onto the seat in front of us and look wide eyed at each other. The overloaded buses would heave heavily out and around the hairpin turns, all the while the driver was busy passing another car or bus and beeping loudly; in case another vehicle came aroud the curve.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Sounds like the Carribian bus travel particularly the 3rd world countries. Terrifying isn't it? Another thing to frighten you besides the lions, tigers & bears OH MY!!!!
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Hi Trac.

Wow this is so fasinating. You are incredible. So brave.

Thank you for sharing your adventures, worries, hardships, challenges, and optimism.