Sunday, February 24, 2008

I think it's time for Africa.

I will be out of internet service for ten days. I will be in the Kruger park looking for catties. Big ones.


cindylist said...

I hope Kruger will be all you've imagined and hoped for! Stay safe. We'll all be waiting to hear of your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, it's Glen. You are having the adventure of a lifetime that most of us won't be able to do. Thanks for sharing the many small moments that are much more interesting than Disneyland. The way so many people live is simply unimaginable to us who are worried about things like the sub-prime debacle. Try injecting that into Indian converstation.

Now you are in Greece and back in the western world. I am very curious about how you will adjust. I picture Tom Hanks flicking a lighter on and off in Castaway and imagine you flushing a toilet with the same awe.

Keep sending your dispatches for the fringe and enjoy the souvlaki.

bonycrow said...

i always enjoy your humor glen.