Thursday, November 15, 2007

jaw dropping hanoi

Cindy here. Tracy has wanted me to post about our Vietnam experience so here is the first of the installments. This first one is of Hanoi. It really was an indescribable time so I've posted some movies and another slide show.
You can see Tracy was still a bit stunned later that night. You can see a professional street crosser (dressed in blue) towards the end.
There are no rules, no traffic lights, and no hesitating. This is not rush hour, it is like this constantly.

Tracy and I eventually did very well crossing the street.


cindylist said...

Wow. Welcome home, Cindy - and thanks for posting all the great photos and movies. What an experience! I think I'm glad to have only been a "voyeur" for the Vietnamese leg of the journey... Tracy - are you now off to Laos??

bonycrow said...

Thanks Cindy. There is much more I'm going to post about Vietnam. This was all just in the first week!

Anonymous said...

Step lightly in stream
all humanity passes
us on Hanoi streets


Anonymous said...

Hi womyn,
The street videos were fantastic to watch. Working at DOT, I can honeslty say I've never seen anything quite like that on a project OR on the Travel Channel!
Great stuff.
Thinking of you.
- Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
Sorry Cindy is gone but I loved seeing the photos!! Can't wait for more. Happy that Cindy is home safe & sound. Don't think Vietnam would be my cup of tee!
Love, Mom